Policies for all - the Ulster Unionist Vision

Economy Sustainable ideas for a better future

The Ulster Unionist Party has a strong record on the economy, from being the first to hold the Enterprise, Trade and Investment portfolio following devolution to the importance of our current Ministerial post with responsibility for infrastructure.

Education Putting our young people first

The Ulster Unionist Party believes that the provision of a stable, reliable and effective education system is one of the most important services which the state should provide for its people. We hold dearly Northern Ireland’s education system, but we believe that certain aspects of it desperately need reformed.

Health At the heart of what we believe

The Ulster Unionist Party’s understanding of the National Health Service in Northern Ireland is that it should remain free at the point of delivery, from the cradle to the grave, available to everyone based on need - not the ability to pay.

Housing Affordable and sustainable for all

We fundamentally believe the basic building block for a happy society is the citizen in his or her home and the relationships that exist within it and other homes in the vicinity.

Culture Celebrating our rich heritage

The Ulster Unionist Party recognises the value of culture, arts and leisure in encouraging economic growth as well as maximising quality of life for the people of Northern Ireland.

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