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Ulster Unionists welcome electricity price fall

Ulster Unionist energy spokesperson Sandra Overend has welcomed the decrease in electricity prices announced by Power NI given the positive effect this will have on consumers across Northern Ireland.

The Mid-Ulster MLA said:

“The news that Power NI will be implementing a 14 per cent reduction in prices from October will be welcomed by hard-pressed customers. This will go some way in mitigating the effects of the 18.5 % rise which was implemented last year.’’

‘’Power NI have said the decrease is due to a fall in the cost of the fuel used to generate electricity in our power stations and it is right that any savings are passed on to the consumer. This news will amount to a reduction of around £80 from the average annual household bill which will be invaluable to many families across Northern Ireland in the current economic climate. It will also represent a saving to its small business customers who have been struggling with rising costs over the last number of years.”


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