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Growing discontent over parade “symbol of political failure” – Nesbitt

Ulster Unionist Party leader, Mike Nesbitt MLA has said the growing tension over parading in Northern Ireland is a symptom of the failure to agree a pathway to a shared future.

Mike said:

 “We are 18 years on from the ceasefires and 14 from the Good Friday Agreement.  These events created a space for us to agree a way forward for Northern Ireland which was inclusive and respectful of all beliefs and cultures.’

 “The current discontent around parading in Northern Ireland is a symptom of a deeper problem.  We cannot continue to lurch from one crisis to the next; the problems that continue to arise over parading are clear evidence that we need a real effort to deal with it, not more sound bites.’

“I would like to extend an invite to the leaders of the four main churches and the Loyal Orders to meet with the Ulster Unionist Party to work out the best way forward.’

“The fact that in 2012 we are yet to agree a pathway for a shared future is a symbol of the political failure of the DUP and Sinn Fein, the two parties at the centre of our government, who seem intent on instead creating a shared out future.’

“The Ulster Unionist Party is committed to a shared future and I and my Party will continue in our efforts to achieve this.’

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