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Kinahan “horrified” at death threat against Crumlin Integrated Principle

Ulster Unionist MLA and Vice Chair of the Education Committee, Danny Kinahan has said he is “horrified” to learn a death threat has been made again the Principle of Crumlin Integrated School.

The South Antrim Assembly Member said:

“I am horrified to learn that the Principle of Crumlin Integrated School has been subject to a death threat.  It is completely reprehensible that people in Northern Ireland are still being intimidated in this manner.’

“This death threat is a symptom of a wider problem which has been escalating in thetown of Crumlin over the past six months. The growing tension between Unionists and Nationalists in the area has been well documented and sadly it appears the Principle of Crumlin Integrated has borne the brunt of this.’

“Crumlin is a town were members of all political persuasions and religious beliefs havealways lived together but sadly it appears there is a small, anonymous elements who seem intent on tearing the community apart with their hate filled campaigns.’

“When I first became a governor of Crumlin Integrated a few years ago I was immediately faced with a failing inspection report finding both the Principle and Vice Principleat fault.  I was also led to believe that there was a small group working the system against the best efforts to turn around the fortunes of the school for their own means.’

“It is vital that we have a robust schools inspection system, but it is equally important that parents, teachers and principles all have faith in it.’

“To return to the death threat made against Dr Annabelle Scott, it is extremely sad that such a mentality still exists in Northern Ireland.  I hope that the PSNI will be able to quickly identify who was responsible for this threat and bring them to justice.’

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