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Voluntary Grammar sector will be left at a disadvantage under Education Bill - Kinahan

Ulster Unionist Education spokesperson, Danny Kinahan MLA has criticised the Education Minister after he revealed that he would not be setting up a sectoral working body to look at the provision for Voluntary Grammar schools.

Danny, who is also Vice-Chair of the Education Committee, said:

“I recently wrote to the Education Minister to ask if he was going to establish a sectoral body for the Voluntary Grammar Sector.  Mr O’Dowd replied informing me that he had no plans to do so.” 

“I find it deeply regrettable that we are now required to spend so much time defending the voluntary grammar sector from attack when really the energy and resources are needed to improve the areas of our education system which genuinely need support.’

“There are sectoral bodies in place for the controlled and maintained sectors, yet none for the Voluntary Grammar, Integrated or Irish Medium sectors.  It is concerning that they are not receiving the same level of representation.’

“I have already expressed concerns that the Education Bill is moulded around the self-interests of Sinn Fein and the DUP.  This latest development only helps to confirm this for me.  It would appear to me that the voluntary grammar sector will be left at a disadvantage should the Bill pass in its current form.’

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