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Nesbitt tells Justice Minister that longer term planning is needed against terrorist threat

Ulster Unionist Leader Mike Nesbitt MLA and Justice spokesperson, Tom Elliott MLA met this afternoon with the Justice Minister, David Ford MLA where they discussed the current security situation.

Speaking following the meeting Mike Nesbitt MLA said, “We emphasised to David Ford the need for longer term planning against the terrorist threat, particularly with regards to the financial support given to the PSNI. 

There is no short term prospect of the terrorist threat going away. Therefore the case needs to be made to the Treasury now that there is a continuing need for security of long term funding for the PSNI in dealing with these republican criminals. There is no point in waiting until the end of the current comprehensive spending review to do this. The £245 million of additional funding which the PSNI currently receive on a “bolt-on” basis needs to be embedded as ongoing resources to allow Matt Baggott to plan effectively.”

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