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The Ulster Unionist Party honours commitment not to introduce water charges - Kennedy

Speaking following the debate in the Assembly today, Danny Kennedy, Ulster Unionist MLA for Newry & Armagh said,

"The Ulster Unionist Party has today honoured its ongoing commitment not to introduce additional water charging during the term of this Assembly. The Second Stage of the Water and Sewerage Services (Amendment) Bill extends the period by three years in which DRD will pay a subsidy to NI Water in lieu of household water charges.

While there may be questions about the future of the water industry in Northern Ireland, there is no question in my mind that this legislation is the right thing to do now. It makes good a commitment not to introduce additional household water charges in the current Programme for Government and it provides space, time and opportunity for a mature, thoughtful and sensible future debate on options and on approaches that may be taken in the next Assembly."

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