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Elliott Welcomes Conservatives Move to end Double-Jobbing

Ulster Unionist Party Leader Tom Elliott has welcomed the announcement by Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Owen Paterson that the UK Government will legislate to end the practice of double-jobbing where political parties are currently allowed to have the same member serve as both an MP and MLA.
Mr Elliott said: “The Ulster Unionist Party have been long time advocates of having full representation for the public at all levels of administration. That means that the same person cannot possibly represent the public in the Northern Ireland Assembly and at Westminster at the same time.
“It is unfortunate that other political parties have not followed the UUP lead with a commitment to ensure that elected representatives will not serve in these two parliaments at the same time.
“Because there has not been this commitment from others the Conservative Party who are the senior Party in the UK Government has now stated that it will legislate to stop this practice.
“I welcome this commitment and look forward to early implementation along with other matters of significant importance to the Northern Ireland public.”

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