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Elliott Challenges McGuinness Claims of “Shame”

Ulster Unionist Party Leader Tom Elliott has challenged Martin McGuinness’s claim that he feels shame at the Enniskillen bombing.

Mr Elliott said;

“It has been perfectly clear to people in Northern Ireland that Sinn Fein will say or do anything as circumstances dictate.'

"First we had Gerry Adams trying to maintain the fiction that he was never a member of the IRA.  At least Martin McGuinness admits that he was in the IRA, but he wants us to believe that he left in 1974 and that he was never responsible for the death of anyone. '

"You do wonder how the two of them managed to gain such standing in an organisation which one of them supposedly wasn’t even a member of, and the other was – by his own admission –a short-term and ineffective member.'

"Now Martin McGuinness is asking the voters of the Republic of Ireland to believe that he felt “ashamed” when incidents like the Enniskillen bomb took place. Maybe so, but is he ashamed enough to hand over the people responsible? Or is he trying to use the Enniskillen dead in a disgusting and shameful bid to further his electoral prospects in the Republic?'

"It is certainly is a major departure from his statement at a rally in Mid-Ulster in April of this year when he said that “The IRA fought a long guerrilla war in these hills and in towns and cities and villages across the north for over 30 years. “The IRA forced the British government to the negotiating table. But the IRA were not war mongers.”

"If Mr McGuinness really wants to run for the office of President of the Republic then that is obviously a matter for him and the people of the Republic.'

"But if he is seeking votes in the Republic, the least he can do is explain to the people of that State just how his background and life experience so far makes him fit for Office.'

"The trail of criminality, murder and destruction which the IRA left across the British Isles – including both sides of the Irish border - for nearly three decades throws up a great many valid questions for Martin McGuinness to answer.  Simply blaming the media or dismissing those asking the question as “West Brits” will not wash, especially as Mr McGuinness is himself administering British Rule in Northern Ireland and seeking to make electoral capital out of his political relationships with Ian Paisley and Peter Robinson.'

"Sinn Fein are masters at demanding inquiries into all manner of historical events, but it is nauseating to see how quick they are to demand that a veil be drawn when anyone seeks to raise questions about IRA atrocities."

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