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Sinn Fein still living in denial - Elliott

Ulster Unionist MLA Tom Elliott has described Sinn Fein as living in denial following recent comments by Gerry Adams and others.

Mr Elliott said:

“It is clear that the dawning of a New Year has not changed the fact that Sinn Fein are living in denial. Either that or they actually believe the bare-faced lies they tell. 

First we were asked to swallow the claim that Gerry Adams was never in the IRA. Then Martin McGuinness informed us that he was in the IRA but left in 1975. Now Dublin TD Dessie Ellis - convicted on a variety of charges including explosives - at least admits he was in the IRA but is less forthcoming about how many people were murdered due to the explosives which he and other IRA bomb makers handled. Recently released British Government papers put the figure as high as 50 by 1982. Meanwhile in Belfast the former IRA commanding officer in the Maze Prison denies he was ever in the organisation.  

Listening to Sinn Fein representatives, the average bystander could be forgiven for wondering if anyone was ever in the IRA and who exactly was responsible for the litany of atrocities committed by that organisation, including Kingsmills, La Mon, Enniskillen and Teebane. It is obvious that Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein are attempting to re-write the history books and give the impression that they did nothing wrong. The vast majority of the Northern Ireland population are sick, sore and tired of people like Adams, McGuinness, Kelly and others pretending that they were innocents within the troubles of Northern Ireland. I and many like me will not forget the victims created by vicious and unapologetic terrorists.  

Gerry Adams can call for all the border polls he likes precisely because he knows there is no chance of success but he has to be seen to try to do something. The people of Northern Ireland are settled within the United Kingdom and this situation is regarded as perfectly acceptable by both the political class in Dublin and the vast majority of voters in the Republic who rightly wish to focus on rebuilding their economy rather than indulge in the fantasy politics of a united Ireland.” 

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