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Elliott condemns spraying of sectarian graffiti on St Patrick’s Church of Ireland, Castle Archdale

Ulster Unionist MLA, Tom Elliott has condemned the spraying of sectarian graffiti on St Patrick’sChurchof Ireland at Castle Archdale, describing it as “clearly sectarian and deeply offensive”.

 Speaking about the incident, Mr Elliott said: “I was very surprised to hear that sectarian graffiti had been sprayed onto St Patrick’s Church of Ireland. Clearly those responsible set out with the express aim of causing as much hurt as they could by putting sectarian, terrorist-related slogans about the IRA around the porch of a place of worship. It’s a deeply offensive and incredibly intolerant action.”

 “I trust that the congregation of St Patrick’s will not allow this attack to deter them from holding services or prevent the valuable work of the church from continuing. Indeed, I hope that the vast majority of residents who live in the area around the church, regardless of their faith, will join together in condemnation of this incident and not allow blatant sectarianism and hatred to hold the area back."

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