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Elliott attacks Sinn Fein as strangers to the truth

Ulster Unionist Justice spokesperson Tom Elliott has described Sinn Fein as strangers to the truth.   

Speaking following comments by Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams in which he described the decision by former IRA members to give written evidence to the Smithwick Inquiry as a “significant and unprecedented development”,  Mr Elliott said:

“Today it was confirmed that no former member of the Provisional IRA is prepared to give oral evidence to the Smithwick Tribunal, yet Gerry Adams seems to view the fact that they were prepared to hand in a written statement as a “significant and unprecedented development.”

The Smithwick Inquiry’s chances of getting to the truth behind the murders of  Chief Supt Harry Breen and Supt Bob Buchanan would be greatly enhanced if the people who planned, organised and participated in the attack were prepared to turn up and be cross-examined by the Tribunal. A mere written statement will not suffice.

Once again the hypocrisy of Sinn Fein has been laid bare for all to see. The Party which tries to lecture everyone else about the need for “truth” has demonstrated that the truth is a concept they simply do not understand.

They demand Inquiry upon Inquiry and that the truth be told by the Government, the Police, the Army and everyone but themselves.

At the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday Martin McGuinness said he was bound by the Provisional IRA code of conduct and that he could not release information.

Gerry Adams still maintains the fiction that he was never in the IRA.

 When Garda Jerry McCabe was murdered Sinn Fein denied the IRA was responsible which proved to be another lie. Once the killers were convicted, Sinn Fein then demanded their release under the Belfast Agreement.

Today we have seen that former IRA members are not prepared to give oral evidence to the Smithwick Inquiry. 

How can they demand of others what they are not prepared to give themselves? They have consistently proven by their words and deeds that they are strangers to the truth.”  

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