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Kinahan calls on Education Minister to sit down with all Parties and resolve Selection issue

The Vice Chair of the Education Committee, Ulster Unionist MLA Danny Kinahan, has called on the Education Minister to sit down with all the parties and resolve the selection issue once and for all.

Mr Kinahan said:

“This weekend children all over Northern Ireland received their transfer test results and learned their destiny as to the remainder of their education. It is time we properly reviewed the long running temporary system to one that does not brand children as bright or not. We need to agree a system that helps stream children as to where their talents lie and what they are good at.

“Whilst I congratulate those who have got the results they wanted, my thoughts are very much with those who may be disappointed today. We must demonstrate that we value every child in the education system and ensure that the system works to help every one fulfil his or her potential in every way.  

“I have called on the Minister on various occasions to make an effort to improve this selection system and sitting down with all parties to hammer out an agreed long term way forward is the only way forward. This call seems to fall on deaf ears!

“The Ulster Unionist policy is to retain the testing system we have at the moment for a defined two years and to sit down with all parties and agree a way forward in the meantime. Parents, teachers and most of all pupils deserve better than the confusion we have at present.”

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