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Hussey welcomes seizure of Rocket Launcher

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Policing Board Member Ross Hussey MLA has welcomed the seizure of a rocket launcher and warhead in the Springfield Road area of west Belfast on Tuesday night.

Mr Hussey said,

“The news of this seizure means that a lethal weapon has been removed from the streets and from the hands of terrorists who would have used it to cause death and destruction.

Three weeks ago the Gardai in County Tipperary seized a number of similar rocket launchers believed to be destined for the Real IRA in Northern Ireland and I commend the work of both the PSNI and the Gardai in combating the threat posed by  violent criminal gangs.

These seizures are tangible proof of the serious threat which these terrorist groups pose and I would appeal to all those who wish to see a peaceful future for Northern Ireland and its people to give no crumb of comfort or support to those who wish to divide and destroy this society. The Police are there to protect and serve the entire community and it is vital that the community gives full backing to the Police.”

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