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Kinahan calls for support for staff at Antrim Area Hospital

South Antrim Ulster Unionist MLA Danny Kinahan has called on the Health Minister to provide support to staff at the Antrim Area Hospital.

Speaking out following statistics which indicated that waiting times at the Antrim Area are far in excess of the targets set, Mr Kinahan said,

“The recent statistics regarding waiting times at Antrim Area Hospital tell a grim tale of repeated failures to meet targets including 100 people waiting more than 12 hours for treatment last week.

Because the Antrim Area Hospital lies within my constituency, I take a great interest in what is happening there and know a number of the staff personally.

I can say with complete confidence that in my experience, the staff at the Antrim Area, especially those working in the Accident & Emergency Department, are completely dedicated to caring for their patients. Even at the best of times staff are operating under stressful conditions and it is clear to me that they require support and more resources in order to deliver the level of patient care which they are striving to do.

These latest statistics should act as a warning to the Health Minister that all is not well at the Antrim Area and he must take action to ensure that staff are supported and that patients receive the standard of care to which they are entitled to expect.”

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