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Ulster Unionists voice concerns at potential closure of DVLNI Office in Coleraine

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Environment Spokesperson Tom Elliott MLA has expressed his deep concern about suggestions that the DVLNI offices in Coleraine are to be closed following a centralisation of services to Swansea.

Mr Elliott said,

“For a number of years now rumours have surfaced periodically about closing the DVLNI offices in Coleraine and transferring the jobs to the DVLA in Swansea.

I have raised this issue in the past with the Environment Minister and he is assured of my full support in his talks with the UK Transport Minister on this issue. 

The loss of between 250 to 300 jobs at the DVLNI offices in Coleraine would have a significant impact on unemployment in Northern Ireland as a whole but would have a devastating impact on Coleraine and the surrounding area. 

I am in close contact with the Ulster Unionist Councillors in Coleraine who are also horrified at the potential for job losses should these plans go ahead and I have contacted the Ulster Unionist Peers in the House of Lords to ask them to lobby the Government on this issue.”

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