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Beggs condemns Larne explosion

Ulster Unionist MLA for East Antrim Roy Beggs has called on the general public and elected representatives to assist the police in combating Republican terrorists who are being blamed for an explosion and the discovery of a cache of weaponry in the Seacourt estate in Larne on Wednesday night.

Roy Beggs MLA said:

“Seacourt is a mixed estate, and has been peaceful and settled for some time and this incident is an unwelcome throwback to the past.  It appears that a republican element who have been connected to suspect devices in other locations in the town in the recent past are continuing their campaign of disruption to the lives of the local community.

On Wednesday night, a property was damaged by an explosion and on Thursday other residents including a number of young children were put out of their homes to enable the bomb squad to make the area safe.  The lives of local residents have been put at risk.

I would appeal for anyone with any information to pass it to the PSNI.  I would also call on leadership to be shown by Republican politicians especially those who have been issuing highly provocative press statements, and criticising the police in recent weeks.  This is creating the atmosphere in which a sectarian gang can carry out their acts of terror. Republican politicians need to indicate their full support for the lawfully constituted forces of law and order and to act responsibly in their public utterances.”

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