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No decision on Corporation Tax disappointing news for business - Overend

Ulster Unionist Economy Spokesperson, Sandra Overend, has expressed her disappointment after it became apparent no decision will be taken on the devolution of Corporation Tax before a vote on Scottish independence in September 2014.
The Mid Ulster MLA said;
"I am disappointed to hear the news from the First and Deputy First Ministers that the decision concerning the possible devolution of Corporation Tax powers to Northern Ireland has been put on the long finger.

This is disappointing news, not only for the business sector who would benefit directly, but for people right across Northern Ireland who know that this has the potential to bring much needed optimism to the economy as a consequence.

The devolution of Corporation Tax was suggested a number of years ago by colleagues in the Ulster Unionist Party and the debate has gained momemtum with all other Parties in the Executive coming on board. This was not the desired outcome of todays meeting between the First and deputy First Ministers and the Prime Minister.

The question remains if a decision on the devolution of Corporation Tax will be taken during this term at all. The Ulster Unionist  Party remain convinced of the importance of gaining control of this important economic lever.''

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