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Swann calls for adequate protection for workers

Ulster Unionist North Antrim MLA, Robin Swann, has called on the Minister for Employment and Learning, Stephen Farry, to consider the measures within the Protection of Workers Bill which is currently going through Westminster as he undertakes a review of employment law in Northern Ireland.

The DEL Committee Chairman said;

“I am calling on the DEL Minister Stephen Farry to ensure that the on-going review of employment law takes into account a Bill which is currently making its way through the legislative process at Westminster. The Protection of Workers Bill creates an additional penalty for those who assault workers in the course of their duties; however, at present it only extends to England and Wales.’

‘In November last year the Minister announced a review of employment law and I believe that adequate protection of workers should be a component of that review, alongside the key issue of creating a system that actually works for business and helps support job creation. I will also be writing to the Justice Minister to highlight the proposed Westminster legislation with his Department.’

‘This is an important area, especially for emergency workers who are all too often targeted, and we should not fall behind the rest of the UK.”

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