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Ulster Unionists welcome Mossley Mill event to remember Drummer Lee Rigby

Newtownabbey Borough Council has unanimously agreed a proposal by Glengormley Ulster Unionist Councillor Mark Cosgrove that the Council should host an event at the Civic Square at Mossley Mill on the evening of Drummer Lee Rigby’s funeral.  

Councillor Cosgrove said:

“It is at these times of hardship, pain and suffering that the people of our great United Kingdom pull together as one.

This event will enable the people of Newtownabbey to join together in an act of National mourning and solidarity with our fellow British citizens across the Kingdom in showing Drummer Rigby’s family that his sacrifice will not be forgotten.

The people of Britain stood shoulder to shoulder with us during a 30 year terrorist campaign. The barbarism and butchery involved against Lee Rigby brought back a chilling reminder of the kidnap, torture and murder of Corporal Howes and Woods on the streets of Belfast. Just as the people of Newtownabbey rejected the evils of terrorism then we also utterly reject it today.

Newtownabbey Council is opening a book of condolences at Mossley Mill and will confirm the exact timings of the event at the Civic Square when Drummer Rigby’s funeral arrangements are confirmed.” 

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