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Elliott calls on Department of Justice to reveal costs of G8 summit

Ulster Unionist Justice spokesperson Tom Elliott MLA has called on the Department of Justice to provide figures relating to the anticipated costs of the G8 summit.  

 “At today’s meeting of the Assembly’s Justice Committee I was astonished that officials from the Department of Justice were unable to give any indication of costs of the forthcoming G8 summit.

 This is indeed strange, bearing in mind that Department of Health can say that it faces costs of £1.2m, and a local newspaper in Fermanagh has reported detailed figures from a PSNI business case.

 I appreciate that the G8 will bring some resource requirement that may not have been anticipated, but at this stage the DoJ should surely have some idea of the specific costs of the Conference.

 I am therefore calling on the Department of Justice to tell us how much the Conference will cost them and who will pay?”

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