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Elliott calls for clarity on the release of Marian Price

Ulster Unionist Justice Spokesperson, Tom Elliott, has called on the Parole Commissioners to immediately provide clarity on the reasoning behind the release of Marian Price from custody.

The Fermanagh and South Tyrone MLA said;

“The news today that the Parole Commissioners have made the decision to release Marian Price from custody will come as a shock to many people. This is because charges of providing property for the purposes of terrorism in relation to the murders of soldiers Patrick Azimkar and Mark Quinsey, as well as encouraging support for a proscribed organisation, still stand against her.’

We must never forget that Ms Price was originally sentenced for her part in the Old Bailey Bombing of 1973 in which one person died and 200 victims were injured, before she was released on health grounds. The previous Secretary of State, Owen Paterson, made the understandable decision to revoke her licence in light of the above charges.’

‘I have two straightforward questions; why has she been released at this time and what has changed in the intervening period to lead to a different decision from the Parole Commissioners? In order to have full confidence in the judicial process the public must have these answers, and I shall be writing to the Secretary of State regarding these questions.”

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