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Nicholson questions use of EU money in Portadown SPACE project

Ulster Unionist MEP, Jim Nicholson has expressed what he describes as ‘grave concern’ over recent developments in Portadown, where a request to hold a religious service in the Public Park by Portadown Orangemen has been opposed by Republican groups under the direction of Brendan McKenna. 

Commenting on the eventsJim Nicholson said:

“The SPACE project in Portadown, a £5.5M investment by SEUPB, to transform the Town’s Public Park into a shared space is something which I supported in principle.  However, it has become very clear to me from the actions of Brendan McKenna, that it is virtually impossible for this area of the town to be a genuinely shared space that everyone can enjoy.” 

“I now have grave concern about the future of the SPACE project and its ability to deliver a truly shared space in Portadown.  I have listened to my local party colleagues and I will be seeking an urgent meeting with Pat Colgan of SEUPB, to raise my concerns and that of my party over the viability of the SPACE project.  It is of the utmost importance that SEUPB does not waste money in a project that does not have the ‘buy in’ of all communities in the town and could be hugely embarrassing for SEUPB.”

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