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Cosgrove welcomes Orange Order`s Twaddell Initiative

Commenting on the Orange Order`s of the Twaddell Initiative, Ulster Unionist Councillor Mark Cosgrove, a member of Belfast Parades Forum said:

“I am confident that this initiative to ensure that the Ligoniel Lodges and Bands finally make it home from this year`s 12th of July parade will be welcomed by most people in our community. Having engaged in significant dialogue in the run up to this year`s 12thof July parade, of particular significance is the firm commitment to begin talks on next year`s parade immediately the 2013 Twelfth has been completed, hopefully on Saturday.

“A peaceful and dignified parade on a quiet Saturday morning in October past the shared space of the Crumlin Road including the Ardoyne shops where both communities have worked together and shopped together for years can surely not offend any fair minded person.

“The Ulster Unionist Party believes this initiative represents a great opportunity for all sides to show tolerance and mutual respect for diversity so we can all get on with the really important work of creating sustainable employment and regenerating North Belfast for the betterment of all its people regardless of their community background.”

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