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Hussey condemns attack on Police in Newtownabbey

Ulster Unionist MLA Ross Hussey has condemned Wednesday night’s on Police officers in which a pipe bomb was thrown at a police vehicle near the Bawnmore estate in Newtownabbey.  

The West Tyrone MLA, who represents his Party on the Policing Board, said:

 "I utterly condemn the actions of those who last night attempted to murder or maim police officers in the conduct of their duties. Tuesday night saw a similar attack in Londonderry; Wednesday it was the turn of Newtownabbey to witness the hatred and madness of fanatical republicans who cannot accept that the days of violence are gone.

The Police protect and serve the entire community. They need the support of everyone to do that job effectively.  

I am absolutely confident that the vast majority of people in Newtownabbey are no different to the rest of Northern Ireland. They want a better future for themselves and their children and for that future to be built on peace and a total absence of violence. They certainly do not want to be evacuated from their homes at night times due to security alerts.

We must all stand behind the PSNI and provide them with every possible assistance as they seek to root out the few fanatics who are so fearful of a peaceful future that they are trying desperately to drag us back to the past. They will not succeed.”

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