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Book blurs lines between fact and fiction – Danny Kennedy

Danny Kennedy, Ulster Unionist MLA for Newry & Armagh, has commented on the publication of a book written by Anne Cadwallader from the Pat Finucane Centre, by saying:

“This publication blurs the lines between fact and fiction and fuels a narrative of the troubles that Republicans demand be accepted. People in Northern Ireland know the truth that the IRA were responsible for the majority of murders during the troubles and they bear the greatest actual and moral responsibility for loss of life.

"I lived through this entire period in South Armagh and know full well the impact of the fear, intimidation and cost in human terms to the local Protestant/ Unionist community. This, and all other attempts by Republicans to re-write history and seek to absolve themselves must be challenged as a distortion of both fact and history"

“The rule of law is paramount and no-one is above it. Murder is murder and those responsible should be made amenable to the law.”

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