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Glad to hear Finance Minister`s intention to implement Ulster Unionist Party ideas - Robin Swann

Robin Swann, Ulster Unionist MLA for North Antrim has congratulated Finance Minister, Simon Hamilton MLA on bringing forward Ulster Unionist Party policies in his Department. This followed comments made by the Finance Minister at a lunch with Ballymena Chamber of Commerce on Thursday.

Mr Swann said:

“I was pleased to hear the Finance Minister announce today that he intended to implement Ulster Unionist Party ideas and policies in the forthcoming months and years. Sadly the element the DUP lack is our ability to make things happen. They stood outside the gates crying "Foul" while we brought peace. Since they took power, they have demonstrated a spectacular lack of ability to take responsibility.

“At a lunch with Ballymena Chamber of Commerce, Simon Hamilton said that he wanted to bring Northern Ireland`s waterways and flood management under one department.

“As for his thoughts on forming one department of the Economy, this was the key recommendation of the IREP (Independent Review of Economic Policy) commissioned by Arlene Foster in December 2008. The report was endorsed by the Executive. Unfortunately they cannot even enact the recommendations from their OWN initiatives.

“When Peter Robinson and Gregory Campbell were DRD Ministers, they couldn`t deliver the A2, A8 or A26. It took an Ulster Unionist DRD Minister, Danny Kennedy, to deliver these projects.

“It's time for a pro-Union party at the heart of government that will do what's right for Northern Ireland.”

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