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Elliott calls into question the benefit of ‘truth processes’ given Garda Commissioner`s comments about Smithwick Report

Ulster Unionist Justice spokesperson Tom Elliott has welcomed the principles of the Innocent Victims United Covenant in ‘Dealing with the Past’.

Mr Elliott said:

“The Innocent Victims United group has been giving excellent advice and direction in relation to dealing with the past. They represent many innocent victims from right across the community, who have not received justice for past deeds inflicted on them.

“The nine point covenant describes the many serious concerns within the innocent victims sector. These include a clear statement that an amnesty for terrorists is not acceptable and that a Truth Commission is unworkable. These are principles that everyone in our society should support.

“We are very well aware that those who carried out despicable deeds in the past of murder and destruction would not want to support these principles. We obviously realise why they wouldn’t want to support them, but they cannot be allowed to hold everyone else in society to ransom.” 

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