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Ulster Unionist Party Executive condemns all recent attacks

The Executive body of the Ulster Unionist Party has condemned last night's terrorist attack in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast, the suspected arson attack on the office of Alliance Party MLA Trevor Lunn in Lisburn and all current gun and bomb attacks on civilians and police.

Meeting for their December meeting in east Belfast, the Executive wished to affirm its support for the PSNI and the rule of law, and to stand squarely with the traders and citizens of Belfast against the terrorist threat posed by nameless people with no mandate who have no positive role in a democracy.

Party Chairman, Lord Empey, said:

"We were unanimous in condemning those behind these terrorist incidents. They and their actions are of the past. This Party gave Northern Ireland the opportunity to move on with the Belfast Agreement in 1998. 15 years on, it is clear there are a few who will not accept the inclusive future that is on offer. Those who choose to exclude themselves must bear the consequences.”

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