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Ulster Unionists condemn gun attack on Lisnaskea Police Station

Tom Elliott, Ulster Unionist MLA for Fermanagh and South Tyrone has condemned the gun attack on Lisnaskea Police Station.

Mr Elliott said:

β€œI unreservedly condemn the attack on Lisnaskea Police Station and am thankful that PSNI officers and civilians weren`t injured or killed in this ruthless act of terrorism. Once again republican terrorists have shown that they have nothing to offer the people of Northern Ireland, but pain and suffering. They are driven by warped ideology and bloodlust.”

Ulster Unionist Policing Board member, Ross Hussey MLA, joined his colleague Tom Elliott MLA, in condemning the attack:

β€œIt is despicable that these thugs should try and inflict their views on the rest of society through the barrel of a gun. When most families are coming together to celebrate Christmas, these terrorists` actions have once again shown the hollowness of their cause.”

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