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Elliott calls for McGuinness to show leadership and come clean about his terrorist past

Ulster Unionist MLA, Tom Elliott has called on the PSNI officers who are now investigating the Bloody Sunday events to question the former IRA commander in the area and now deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness.

Mr Elliott said:

"This is an opportunity for Martin McGuinness to come clean about his terrorist past. He is the deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland and now is the time for the former IRA commander in the Londonderry area to show leadership and set an example by dropping the terrorist code of silence and tell the full truth about his role at the time of Bloody Sunday as a terrorist commander."

"There will be a criminal inquiry going on and the law should be seen to be applied to everyone equally under the law. The current status or position of those being interviewed should not allow them to forego their responsibilities in giving a full, truthful account of their past actions."

"We are all aware that Mr McGuinness refused to give information to the Saville Inquiry and hid behind the IRA's ‘code of honour’; this cannot be permitted in a police investigation. I will be seeking clarification from the Chief Constable that Mr McGuinness cannot slip through this net just to save political face."

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