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Hussey condemns attack on Londonderry Hotel

Ulster Unionist MLA Ross Hussey has condemned last night’s bomb attack on the Everglades Hotel in Londonderry.  

Mr Hussey, who represents his Party on the Policing Board, said:

“Once again people the people of Londonderry are faced with the aftermath of a terrorist attack in their city.  

“The entire community will be shocked and appalled at last night’s bomb attack on the Everglades Hotel. It not only endangered the lives of staff and patrons of the hotel but was designed to damage tourism and the local economy.

“The people behind this attack must be condemned and rejected by the entire community because they offer nothing of value to anyone in our society.   

“We should be focusing on attracting much needed jobs and investment to the Maiden City and the wider north west area and these fascists who insist on engaging in bomb and gun attacks are endangering lives and jeopardising progress.

“I would urge anyone who knows anything about last night’s attack or any other criminal activity to come forward and assist the Police to catch these criminals before they can do any more damage.”

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