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Elliott condemns graffiti attack on Dungannon Church

Ulster Unionist MLA Tom Elliott has condemned a graffiti attack on St Patrick’s Catholic Church on the Killyman Road in Dungannon.  

Mr Elliott said:

“I unreservedly condemn the attack on St Patrick’s Church in Dungannon. Such attacks on Churches and Halls are hate crimes and have no place in our society.  

“As a local representative I know that the vast majority of the local community in Dungannon and the wider south Tyrone area want nothing to do with such activities and simply wish to live in peace and harmony with all of their neighbours.

“The people responsible for this attack are seeking to whip up sectarian tensions and exploit divisions within society. They have nothing positive to offer anyone. They will not create a single job, improve a single hospital waiting list or create a single school place.

“They must be rejected by all sections of society as we seek to build a shared future which ensures that everyone’s rights, heritage and culture are respected.

“I appeal to anyone who saw any suspicious activity in the vicinity of the Killyman Road in Dungannon late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, or who can assist the Police in any way, to come forward immediately.”

Dungannon Ulster Unionist Councillor Walter Cuddy said;

“I live beside this beautiful building and I am appalled by this incident. I can assure everyone in Dungannon that the mindless hooligans responsible do not speak for the vast majority of the good people of the town. We must all stand together against such mindless attacks.”

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