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Ulster Unionists condemn threat to Alliance representatives in South Belfast

The Ulster Unionist Party’s South Belfast MLA Michael McGimpsey & Botanic Councillor Graham Craig have condemned the individual or group who sent bullets to two Alliance Party representatives in the constituency.

Mr McGimpsey said:

“I unreservedly condemn the sending of bullets to Councillor Emmet McDonough-Brown and Duncan Morrow on Friday night.

“In a democracy, the only way to resolve differences is by having a debate and letting the electorate decide the outcome based on the facts. Those who would seek to intimidate elected councillors or public representatives have no role to play in a democratic political process and I condemn such actions unreservedly.”

Botanic Councillor, Graham Craig expressed his sympathy, saying:

"I am disgusted to hear about the intimidation of Emmet and Duncan. Actions like this will not help any cause and have no place in the society we live in. We should be respectful of the result of democracy and behaviour like this will not undermine the will of the people of Botanic."  

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