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Ulster Unionists concerned at Police budget cuts which “effectively mean the closure of HET”

The Ulster Unionist Party has voiced its concerns at news that the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) is effectively to be closed as a result of cuts to the Police budget.   

Ulster Unionist Policing Board member Ross Hussey said;

“"The news that the budget cuts imposed on the Police are likely to – in the words of Deputy Chief Constable Alistair Finlay - ‘effectively mean the closure of HET’ will greatly concern many people, not least the families of victims.

“This is simply not acceptable. Families’ expectations have been raised that the cases involving their loved ones would be properly investigated and they are entitled to expect equality of treatment.

“I am extremely unhappy at this news and I will be raising this matter at the Policing Board as a matter of urgency.”

Justice spokesperson Tom Elliott MLA said;

 “I would contend that the Historical Enquiries Team has not been perfect and indeed many would say it has had a rather limited positive impact, but it has at least brought a degree of closure to some families.

“What is unfair is that some families will have received reports, others know that there are reports in existence waiting to be published, whilst still others are awaiting a review of their case.

“In the interests of fairness and equality, the HET should be allowed to complete its work.

"The work of the HET has been undergoing a review for over a year now, it is ironic that when people were assuming that the organisation should be re-commencing it is being planned to effectively close it and end its work!”

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