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Adams at it again - Nesbitt

Ulster Unionist Leader, Mike Nesbitt MLA, has accused Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams TD of again showing his true, bigoted colours, in remarks reported by the Impartial Reporter from a Sinn Fein meeting in Enniskillen tonight (Monday 24 November 2014).

Mr Nesbitt said:

"I have just listened to the audio recording posted on social media by the Impartial Reporter of Gerry Adams' remarks. They are stunning in their arrogance and hatred.

"He refers to the need to 'break' unionist 'bast**ds'.

"In a sense, this should not be surprising, given his 1997 remarks in Athboy, County Meath, when he made clear Irish Republicans had planned and worked hard to make a number of summer parades controversial, such as that at Drumcree and on the Ormeau Road in Belfast.

"Now he refers to his desire to break unionist bast**ds, as he puts it.

"But the most shocking revelation is that he considers equality as a 'Trojan Horse'.

"The audio recording makes clear Gerry Adams thinks equality is nothing more than a tool to be used to manipulate people like me. That is shocking, to the point of nausea.

"On a day I began by criticising the DUP's Gregory Campbell for his gratuitous insult to those who cherish the Irish Language, I despair that I have to end it by challenging Gerry Adams to clarify why he believes equality is no more than a trick to lure unionists into some sort of trap.

"I am emailing the social media link to his words to the US Envoy to the current talks, Senator Gary Hart, for his information.”


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