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McGimpsey welcomes Windsor Park jobs boost

Ulster Unionist MLA Michael McGimpsey has welcomed confirmation that the redevelopment of Windsor Park and the surrounding area will provide a much needed boost to the local area.  

South Belfast representative Mr McGimpsey said:

“It is quite clear form information received from the Sports Minister that the redevelopment of Windsor Park will act as an economic generator and provide a much needed boost to the Donegall Road and Village areas.  

“In response to an Assembly question of mine, the Minister has confirmed that there will be 270 construction jobs associated with the Windsor Park re-development project.

“Clauses in the contract for the re-development of Windsor Park require the employment of 17 long-term unemployed workers, 8 new apprenticeships and 2 student placements. In addition there is a 5% apprenticeships requirement for contractors/sub-contractors with over 20 employees.

“The contractors O’Hare and McGovern have identified opportunities for 32 long-term unemployed workers and 19 apprenticeships.

“I also welcome the fact that social clauses have been included in the contracts for the redevelopment of the Olympia Drive Leisure Centre site which will provide further opportunities for both long-term unemployed and apprentices.

“Here is the tangible evidence that the redevelopment of Windsor Park is acting as an economic generator and I am confident that this is only the beginning and that the potential exists for a much greater return.”

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