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Hussey poses questions to Chief Constable on OTRs

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Policing Board Member Ross Hussey has posed a number of questions to the Chief Constable in connection with the letters of comfort issued to the so-called ‘On The Runs’.   

West Tyrone MLA Mr Hussey said:

"The latest revelations about the so-called ‘On The Runs’ and the letters of comfort they received have further dented public confidence in the local criminal justice system.  

“It is quite clear that in some cases letters have been issued to people suspected of crimes committed after 1998 and that the existence of these letters is impacting upon cases still progressing through our courts.

“I have therefore raised a number of questions with the Chief Constable as a matter of urgency.

“These include, exactly how many letters were issued, how many cases were reviewed, how many letters were found to have been incorrectly issued and how many people who were issued these letters are now being actively investigated by PSNI?

“It is no exaggeration to say that the ‘On The Runs’ saga, and in particular the secrecy surrounding it, has had a hugely detrimental effect  on the faith and confidence which many law-abiding citizens in this country have in the justice system.

“The recent comments by former Prime Minister Tony Blair to the Westminster Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, in which he said that without these letters of comfort, the peace process would have collapsed, were a shocking insight into how his Government was prepared to bow and bend to republican threats of violence.

“The people of Northern Ireland deserved better and now they deserve answers.”

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