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Dobson welcomes climb down from DARD Minister over proposed forestry by-laws

Ulster Unionist Agriculture spokesperson, Jo-Anne Dobson has welcomed a climb down by the DARD Minister over a number of proposed forestry by-laws.
“I am sure that many people will be pleased to hear that the Minister has now decided to take a less draconian approach to implementing her forestry bye-laws, not least in relation to the ridiculous proposal to close forests between sunset and sunrise.’
“The Ulster Unionist Party and those others who had responded to the consultation had roundly criticised this proposal as being overly harsh and are therefore pleased that the Minister has taken on board our suggestions.’
“Just a few weeks ago we heard that a number of the proposals had been dropped by DARD following extensive and detailed responses to the consultation.  These included the totally impractical proposal to restrict fishing in forestry land.’
“However a number of areas which, despite receiving a significant number of objections remain under consideration, including the prohibitive proposal to ban cycling in forests, other than in designated areas and the strict proposal on the lighting of a fire or stove in a forest.’
“It appears that decisions on these and other outstanding issues are not now be taken until into the new year – we await the Ministers proposals with interest.’

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