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Kinahan hits out at animal neglect

South Antrim MLA Danny Kinahan has expressed his shock and dismay at the news that 60 horses and ponies animals have been rescued and nine found dead at a farm at Lisnenevagh Road near Antrim.  
The Ulster Unionist representative said;

“This is a truly shocking and disgraceful state of affairs.

For horses and ponies to be left starving amidst the dead bodies of other animals is simply unforgiveable. I am aware that the current economic climate has seen a major decrease in the market value of horses, but there is absolutely no excuse for any owner to neglect animals.  

A great deal of neglect happens on private land and I would therefore appeal to the likes of milkmen, postmen etc who have cause to visit farms or small-holdings to report any suspicions of neglect. Society needs to find a way of looking out for each other without becoming intrusive.  

In the absence of intervention from any statutory or government agency, Crosskennan Lane Animal sanctuary have stepped into the breach and done fantastic work with these horses and ponies. Nonetheless, they are a charity and we simply cannot leave matters to the voluntary sector. There is a real need for local Councils to be given sufficient resources.” 

Ulster Unionists