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Ulster Unionists thank police for their work in disrupting activities of republican terrorists in Strabane

Ulster Unionist MLA and Policing Board member, Ross Hussey, has thanked the PSNI for their follow up actions on Saturday morning which have disrupted republican terrorists in Strabane. Alderman Derek Hussey, Councillor for the Derg Electoral Area also added his support.

Ross Hussey said:

“The terror threat is very evident in the Strabane and Londonderry areas. Any action that would take this threat away from the streets of Strabane is clearly something that would be welcomed by any right thinking individual. The police in Strabane certainly deserve the support and thanks of the community for their proactive actions in disrupting the terror machine in Counties Tyrone and Londonderry.”

Local Ulster Unionist Councillor, Derek Hussey, added his support to the remarks of his brother, Ross Hussey MLA.
Alderman Hussey, who represents the Derg Electoral Area on Derry City and Strabane District Council said:

"All efforts from PSNI Officers to curtail the activities of militant republicans, of whatever brand, are to be welcomed.
"Successful actions like those within the Strabane community such as the recovery of weaponry and the uncovering of a Mortar Bomb placed in a local Cemetery deserve the unreserved support of the entire community.
"Undoubtedly there remain those who will complain about the actions of Police in such circumstances but they would be better remembering that it is not the Police who are secreting items of destruction, mayhem and death in the midst of their community with the resultant dangers posed to all thereby.  Place the blame for disruption to daily life where it lies - that being with those carrying out such activities and placing the lives of their families, friends and neighbours at risk."
"I continue to urge the public to support the PSNI in their ongoing efforts to remove terrorist individuals and their arsenal of destruction from the midst of our community."

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