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Cases such as Kingsmills have been waiting far too long for inquests – Kennedy

Danny Kennedy has said that cases in the coroner’s system must be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Danny Kennedy said:

“There has been considerable attention around the decision to grant an inquest into the deaths of the IRA men shot at Loughgall as they set out on their murder mission to a police station with a bomb.  It is important to cut through the noise and remember that there are many cases currently in the coroner’s court system and their relatives have been waiting a very long time for information on the murder of their loved ones.

“We cannot have a re-writing of history or cases being seen to be given preferential treatment when there are many Troubles related cases in the coroner's system.

“I have been working with the families of those murdered at Kingsmills who have seen many delays in their inquest.  I think it would be unfair and unacceptable to both them and other victims in a similar position to see the Loughgall case leap-frog others that have been waiting an equally long time for information.”

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