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Labour Party Leader is at odds with Labour Party policy on Northern Ireland – Tom Elliott MP

Tom Elliott, Ulster Unionist MP for Fermanagh & South Tyrone, has stated that Labour Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn MP, should clarify whether or not he supports the principle of consent in relation to Northern Ireland.

 Mr Elliott said:

"Jeremy Corbyn remains at odds with his own party's policy on Northern Ireland. He needs to make clear whether or not he supports the principle of consent which says that Northern Ireland will remain part of the United Kingdom unless its people decide otherwise. He has danced around that so far. It's about time he clarified his position.

"Another point I would like to make to Jeremy Corbyn is that the Troubles were not, as he called it, a 'war'. If it had been a war there would be a lot more members of the Provisional IRA and other terrorists groups not around today. If it had been a war, many other prominent republicans would be in The Hague facing war crime trials. He needs to take his green tinted glasses off and acknowledge what it was - a terrorist murder campaign.

"We are still waiting on a response from Mr Corbyn to our Party Leader's request for a meeting. I believe he would find it beneficial to hear a unionist perspective. We have a strong, confident message if the new Labour Party Leader would like to listen. Danny Kinahan and I will be in Brighton this week for the Labour Party Conference and I hope we'll be able to firm up some details about a future meeting."

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