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Tom Elliott MP welcomes Jarlath Burns` comments about reforming the GAA to address Unionist fears

Tom Elliott, Ulster Unionist MP for Fermanagh & South Tyrone, has welcomed prominent GAA figure Jarlath Burns' comments on the possibility of reforming GAA rules to take account of unionist concerns.

Mr Elliott said:

"It is widely recognised that most within the unionist community have not become involved in the GAA due to many elements that are of a purely Irish nationalist tradition and in a number of instances have demonstrated support for militant Irish Republicanism.

"I welcome Jarlath`s comments and take them as a positive step forward. They have the potential to open up a conversation whereby many of the issues can be discussed and hopefully addressed.

"I think it's unlikely that I will ever become the GAA`s 'biggest fan', but if there is a genuine willingness this could represent an opportunity to build a better understanding, knowledge and participation in GAA sports amongst Unionists."

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