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McCusker condemns attack on Portadown College pupils in Manchester

Colin McCusker, an Armagh City Banbridge and Craigavon (ABC) Councillor and former pupil of Portadown College, has condemned the attack on a group of students from the school, which took place in Manchester at the weekend.

Mr McCusker said:

“I was made aware of this incident by a parent of one of the boys who witnessed the attack on the Portadown College boys whilst they were on a school trip to Manchester at the weekend. Subsequent to that I discovered that a nephew of my sister-in-law was also on the trip and was part of the group that was attacked.

“I have been told that a group of approximately 40 youths, known to the Manchester Police, spotted the Portadown College pupils in a shopping centre and when they left the building they were ambushed.

“It appears this gang had followed the boys around the centre and they were aware there was a threat, but had no idea that 40 youths were intent on an ambush.

“This was a traumatic experience and while some of the boys are hurt, thankfully none of their injuries are too serious.”

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