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McGimpsey shocked at reports that teenager was refused access to a bus in Belfast because of Linfield crest

The Ulster Unionist Party’s South Belfast MLA, Michael McGimpsey, has expressed his shock at reports that a teenager on his way to work at a charity shop, was refused access to a bus by a driver who took exception to a Linfield FC crest on his jacket. 

Mr McGimpsey said:

“If this incident is as reported then it is simply disgraceful. I find it scarcely credible that a bus driver would refuse a young boy access to a bus because of the crest of Linfield FC on his jacket.

“Anyone is entitled to travel on public transport providing they are not causing a nuisance to others.

“It is ironic that this incident should have taken place on the Lisburn Road, a short distance from Linfield’s Windsor Park home. The Blues are part of the footballing fabric of Belfast and are the most successful team in Northern Ireland.

“Translink must investigate this as a matter of extreme urgency because if this case is as reported, then this driver should not be dealing with the travelling public in any way. I call on the Transport Minister Michelle McIlveen to ensure that the full facts are established and the necessary action taken.“

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