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Nicholson welcomes £1.98m Heritage Lottery Fund grant for Armagh City

Armagh Ulster Unionist Councillor Sam Nicholson has welcomed the announcement by The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) of a £1.98m grant in support of initial plans to restore and enhance Armagh City’s built heritage. 

Mr Nicholson said: 

“This is a very good news story for Armagh City and is an exciting opportunity to involve residents, businesses and visitors in learning more about the iconic built and cultural heritage of Armagh City. 

“Our heritage is the root of our identities and enriches the quality of our lives. It inspires pride in communities and is at the heart of today’s tourism industry, bringing much needed investment into the local economy and supporting much needed construction jobs. 

“This grant gives all owners of heritage buildings the opportunity to both sustain and transform their heritage properties which potentially could see the reuse of up to 30 buildings within Armagh City’s conservation area. This will bring into use 3000 square feet of historic floor space opening new businesses and creating new jobs within our city. 

“As we all know funding is very difficult to secure at any time but especially now in the current economic climate. By securing this funding all applicants now have the opportunity to work closely with the Heritage Lottery Fund to regenerate our city by improving its historic built environment.”

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