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Ulster Unionists call forum to discuss a Post-Brexit Economic Plan for Northern Ireland

The Ulster Unionist Party has invited key stakeholders from business, finance and academia to a forum to discuss how Northern Ireland should respond to the economic challenges of Brexit.

The event, which will take place in Parliament Buildings on Thursday 7th July, will give them a platform to express their view on what actions need to be taken to ensure that Northern Ireland is not worse off as a result of the United Kingdom exiting the European Union. There will be further events to give the same opportunity to the voluntary sector, trade unions and other stakeholders in the coming months.

Ulster Unionist Party spokesperson for the Economy, Steve Aiken MLA said:

“This event provides us with a great opportunity to engage with the key stakeholders in business about what Stormont needs to do to create the right conditions so the impact of Brexit does the minimum harm to our economy here in Northern Ireland. The Executive so far have been less than clear about the implications for our manufacturing, hospitality, agri-food, IT and creative industries. There is particular concern regarding the future of the common travel area between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which is vital for trade and commerce. I look forward to hearing what our business community have to say on this issue and all other implications of Brexit. It is vitally important that government takes its lead from the needs of the business community.”

Ulster Unionist Party spokesperson for Finance, Philip Smith MLA said:

“The economic and budgetary landscape of Northern Ireland has undoubtedly changed as a result of the referendum decision. We are still working to assess the potential impact on the Northern Ireland economy and are engaging with local stakeholders to scope our response to Westminster to ensure that the gaps in funding that will arise from exiting the European Union will be covered. Consulting with business and academia is essential if we are to offer a constructive alternative to the Executive which is currently asleep at the wheel. While others may be going on their holidays we are certainly not. This forum will provide a unique opportunity to listen to those on the ground about the financial impact of Brexit, such as on reduced farming subsidies, and the potential for an increased cost of corporation tax reduction.”

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