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Was republican granted permission to vary bail conditions to attend hunger strike commemoration? - Elliott

Ulster Unionist MP Tom Elliott has called for clarification on the decision to alter Dee Fennell's bail conditions, after it emerged that the leading dissident republican was given permission to go on holiday to Donegal.

The Fermanagh & South Tyrone MP said:

"Whilst the decision to vary Mr Fennell’s bail conditions is surprising, the timing of Mr Fennell's holiday is not, given that it appears to coincide with the annual Republican Sinn Fein hunger strike commemoration in Bundoran.

“This decision gives Mr Fennell the opportunity to repeat the offences for which he is currently charged, namely encouraging acts of terrorism and inviting support for the IRA.

“I would therefore ask whether any specific condition was placed on Mr Fennell to exclude him from Bundoran next Saturday? And if not why not?”

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