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Martin McGuinness has revealed the true nature of Sinn Féin’s commitment to dealing with the past. They are all take, with very little give in reply.

Ulster Unionist Leader Mike Nesbitt MLA said:

“He knows as well as I do that the Chief Constable talks about the PSNI being in possession of some 10 million pieces of paper relating to the past, never mind what the army and security services hold.

“He wants full and unfettered access to every scrap of paper, but in return all he is offering is the promise of having a chat about what he got up to.

“He has already made clear to the Saville Inquiry there are facts he will not disclose ‘under any circumstances’ and this latest statement remains true to that sentiment.

The Leader of the Official Opposition concluded:

“There is no balance in this approach. It is arrogant and outrageous in equal measure and therefore no basis for a deal on the past.”

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